George Lucas's first big film, "American Graffiti," set in Modesto in 1962, sparked a 50’s nostalgia movement. The characters and scenes were inspired by Lucas's experiences in his hometown, Modesto, USA. The "cruising" in the film, originally called "dragging," took place every weekend on a loop including 10th Street, G Street, 11th Street, and O Street. Burge’s Drive-In, the inspiration for Mel’s Drive-In in the film, anchored the turn-around.

The Modesto Historic Cruise Route Walk of Fame is located at 10th Street Plaza, where the Historic Cruise Route Tour begins and ends. Enjoy cruising Modesto’s history and celebrating our “Legends of the Cruise.”

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The spirit of "American Graffiti" continues to thrive on the Historic Cruise Route in Downtown Modesto. This is the location that inspired George Lucas' film "American Graffiti". Every year, on the first Wednesday night in June, people are invited to join in the excitement as the "Walk of Fame Legends” are unveiled.

The Walk of Fame event takes place at 10th Street Plaza located between J & K Streets during the Legends of the Cruise Park N’ Shine event, featuring over 300 classic cars. This is a FREE event for spectators and classic car participants.

The sidewalk markers of the Modesto Historic Cruise Route Walk of Fame honor those who made the cruise legendary. These markers celebrate the cruisers, racers, musicians, students, DJs, and dreamers who have brought Modesto to life, both in the past and present.

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