Modesto, USA is internationally recognized as the birthplace of George Lucas and the home of American Graffiti. In this city, the spirit of Graffiti Summer lives on all year round! Our non-profit organization acquired a 45,000-square-foot building and campus located on the Historic California Route 99, less than a mile from the original Burge's Drive-In. This iconic drive-in was the legendary turn-around point along the Modesto Cruise Route during the '50s and early '60s.

The Graffiti USA Museum will feature a vintage exterior welcoming visitors to step inside an immersive experience transporting visitors back to 1962 and beyond.

Modesto, USA is already a popular entertainment destination. Every June, the community celebrates the history of American Graffiti during our Graffiti Summer, highlighted by the annual North Modesto Kiwanis American Graffiti Car Show and Festival. Graffiti Summer festivities include numerous car shows, concerts, and gatherings.

Did you know that information about American Graffiti and George Lucas is the most requested topic from people contacting Visit Modesto? The Graffiti USA Museum will be a California Welcome Center, serving as the first stop for tourists from all over the world.

Our vision is to establish a thriving Graffiti USA Museum that attracts people, generates revenue, hosts events, engages students, and promotes business in Modesto. We imagine a future where tourists are drawn to Modesto throughout the year to learn more about our authentic classic car history, diverse community, and vibrant events.

The museum will provide an immersive experience, transporting visitors back to the heyday of the cruising era. Replica storefronts and murals from the Graffiti era will create a captivating backdrop for the showcased cars and memorabilia. Graffiti USA will captivate people of all ages, educate the next generation, and celebrate our genuine history by showcasing the coolest cars and the greatest music.

Our Graffiti USA Museum Board consists of passionate residents and organizations dedicated to establishing a car museum and creating a unique experience in Modesto. They are investing their time, resources, knowledge, and support to bring the history of Graffiti USA to life. This is our shared history, so let's work together to turn this dream into a reality!


The Graffiti USA Museum is bustling with activity as we renovate our building from 1938. We are making upgrades to the structure, underground utilities, and electrical systems with the help of dozens of local companies. The project has received over two million dollars in cash donations, in-kind services, and volunteer hours, helping to bring our dream to life.

Despite the construction, the Museum has become a community gathering place hosting sporting events, car shows, record swaps, memorials, and local service club meetings. Just like cruising brought people together, the Graffiti USA Museum is unifying Modesto and welcoming visitors from around the world. Phase 1 has been completed, and soon, we will begin Phase 2, bringing our reimagined 10th Street exhibit to life!

Visitors can expect to experience Phase 2 by the end of 2024. We encourage you to view our progress firsthand and share in the excitement for what is to come! The Museum gift store offers local souvenirs, and our classic car dealership is open and accepting donated cars and consignment sales. We are a volunteer-led organization, and all proceeds earned from sales and donations go towards our ongoing mission to complete this project!

Upcoming attractions include the 10th Street Experience Exhibit, California Welcome Center, Event Center, and Drive-in.

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