Major Transformation – Exterior Projects

Major Transformation – Exterior Projects Begin!

A major transformation project for the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum kicked off at the beginning of December! The current projects underway are primarily made possible by the generosity of corporate sponsors and founding donors, including George Reed Family Companies, Boyett Petroleum, Beard Land Improvement Company, Burkett’s Pool Plastering, Joseph Bondi, and Allan and Pat Ramsay.

Now visible to those driving by, several essential civil work exterior tasks are being undertaken to enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality of the Museum’s exterior area, visibly transforming the historic Lyng’s warehouse space into an inviting Welcome Center and Museum.

Dock & Outbuilding Removal 

The Coldwell dock area and Outbuilding at the front of the property have been removed to provide dedicated space for additional parking, a new transformer for our electrical system upgrade, a new vehicle entry ramp, and improved ADA access. These improvements will allow for better accessibility and a seamless flow between the Museum and our parking lot.

Utilities Moved

The necessary utilities will be relocated to accommodate the museum layout. This includes electrical, gas, and other essential services to ensure smooth operations within the museum premises.


Flatwork, such as concrete pouring and leveling, will be carried out to create a solid foundation for the outdoor area. This will provide stable and accessible surfaces for visitors and additional display space for the Museum.

Storm Drain

A new storm drain system will be installed to effectively manage rainwater and prevent any potential flooding issues. This will help maintain the safety and integrity of the Museum’s exterior space.


The existing pavement will be replaced or resurfaced to improve the overall appearance and functionality of the Museum’s parking and surrounding areas. This will ensure a smooth and well-maintained surface for visitors’, provide additional parking, and improve the Museum’s outdoor space for future car show events!


Drought-tolerant landscaping will be added to the Museum’s exterior as part of this significant transformation project. This landscaping will enhance the Museum’s curb appeal while honoring water conservation efforts. Using native plants will create a beautiful, sustainable, low-maintenance landscape.

Making Way for New Face

The necessary preparations will be made to install a new facade to give the Museum a refreshed and inviting look. This will enhance the visual appeal of the Museum and create a captivating entrance for visitors.

Entrance to 1938 Historic Building

Special attention will be given to the entrance of the Museum’s historic building, which dates back to 1938. Renovations and enhancements will be made to preserve the historical significance of the entrance while ensuring its functionality and accessibility for visitors.  These significant transformations in the civil work exterior of the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum will improve visitors’ experience, creating an inviting and memorable atmosphere.

Donate Today!

This work would not be possible without the generosity of our community!  Help Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum continue this monumental project by donating today.  Your donation will help build the Museum’s exhibit space, radio museum, education center, and more!