Graffiti USA Education Room Transformation!

Graffiti USA Education Room Transformation

The Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum’s Education Room recently received a generous donation of furnished work and materials, transforming this space into a remarkable showcase.  Technical Engineered Coatings Inc. of Folsom, California, donated $50,000 towards this project, while West Coast Industrial Flooring of Rancho Cordova, California, contributed $25,000.

The Museum is deeply grateful for these substantial contributions, which have allowed for significant enhancements to our Education Room.  A dedicated team of craftsmen worked tirelessly to grind, repair, level, sand, and polish the floors in this 6,000-square-foot room.  Not only has this effort significantly improved the room’s appearance, but it has also improved the overall safety for our guests, leveling areas of the floor that once contained underground equipment and mechanics to move agriculture products into the original Lyng’s Feed and Seed building.

The collaboration between Technical Engineered Coatings Inc., West Coast Industrial Flooring, and the Graffiti USA Museum exemplifies the power of community and the shared commitment to building public spaces that will be shared for generations to come.  Their generous donation has elevated the Education Room, creating a beautiful foundation for the Museum to create a welcoming and inspiring learning space for visitors.  Over the next year, the Museum will continue fundraising for this space to add additional access points, a video wall, and more.  This space will allow the Museum to begin offering educational programs and provide our community with a widely usable space to host meetings, seminars, academic events, and more.

The Museum relies upon the support of our community.  Donations from individuals and businesses are essential to this monumental project, transforming this historic building and bringing new life and experiences into our community.  Please consider donating to Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum.  100% of your donation goes to funding the completion of this $5 Million project.  Make a one-time or recurring donation via our website here:

OR mail your donation to 610 North 9th Street, Modesto, CA 95350.